Lovers Valentine Message cushion

Saint Valentine Day Is Coming

The Day of Saint Valentine Is Coming

For Lovers and Romantics - The Origins Of Saint Valentine Day :

We don't profess to be 'experts' in the life of Saint Valentine, or even 'Saint Valentine Day' though researching Saint Valentine Day will gather some fascinating information.  You'll have to keep in mind, that the passing of time can distort fact from fable.

Saint Valentine was a Roman Priest who lived during the time when a Roman emperor called Claudias, persecuted the Christian Church at that particular time in history.   Claudias created an edict that forbid young people from getting married. His hypothesis was based on his belief that unmarried soldiers fought better than married soldiers, the idea was that married soldiers might not be as brave, becoming more afraid of what might happen to their wives and families if they died.

Saint Valentine committed himself to clandestinely encouraging young lovers to marry within the Christian Church, and so he secretly married them despite Claudias' edict.

Eventually Valentine’s actions were discovered, and Claudius ordered that he be put to death. Valentine was arrested and dragged before the Prefect of Rome, who sentenced him to beaten to death with clubs, and to have his head cut off. The sentence was carried out on February 14, on or about the year 270.

While Valentine was awaiting his 'sentence' in jail, Saint Valentine left a farewell note for his jailer’s daughter, who had become his friend, signing it “From Your Valentine".

For his brave services to Christianity, Valentine was declared a Saint after his death, by the then Pope.

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Musical Hearts

Frog Be Mine

Cupid Penguin

Love Forever

LED Candle

Te Amo

To The Moon


Saint Valentine Day Gifts - For Her

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Saint Valentine Day Gifts - For Him

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Saint Valentine Day - Cards

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Brave Toy Soldier Baby Blanket

Snuggly Baby Blankets

Keeping Your Little Treasure Warm and Snuggly

Sleeping Warm and Toasty With a Treasured Snuggly Blanket!

Beautiful, lovely and soft baby blankets make for special baby gifts.  

Most of these blankets can be fully customized to create a deliciously special gift, whilst keeping your baby snuggly warm with this ultra-soft, and cuddleable baby blanket.

These baby blankets are made using a comfortable lightweight 100% polyester fleece material, and printed using baby-safe ink!

A fully customized baby blanket, personalized with baby’s name, fun baby cartoon characters, patterns and graphics, and a wide choice of background colors for an extremely unique, one-of-a-kind blanket.  These blankets are great for keeping baby warm while in a stroller.

Dimensions of this baby blanket are: 29" x 39".

They are machine washable, using a gentle wash cycle. Dryer safe; using a low heat tumble dry. Ironing is not recommended.

Prices start at around $30.00.

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Various Designers: Zazzle Product Feed For Baby Blankets

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Say NO to boring sheep sheepish mug

Mugs, Mugs, Mugs, Cosy Up To A Mug!

Mugs Filled With A Little Bit Of Cosy!

Mugs To Cosy Up Too!

Nothing wakes you up better than a good cup of coffee in the morning.  How much more fantastic it feels to cosy up each morning to a mug reminding you of your favorite daily inspirational message.

Think of the fun you could create amongst your friends, family, or work colleagues, by showing off a well designed, and witty mug.

Mugs are not just something to hold our beverages you know; for sure it really matters is what we pour into our mugs.  A drop of brandy in our coffee on a cold winter's morning, or mug of fresh mint tea on a balmy summer's day - your mug can deliver whatever you fancy!  But there is a lot more to your best personal mug...

It's a fantastic feeling, cosying up with a mug that screams "This mug uniquely shows off my individuality, and it’s also mine!"

You're sure to find a great mug in the showcase below that perfectly fits your personality; a mug that makes the perfect gift for a treasured maiden aunt; a mug that portrays a message of love to a potential lover; or even a mug that hints at a message to a stingy boss.

Prices start at around $17.00,  depending on your style of mug.

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Cute flower bear

Kahmier | Zazzle Pro Designer

About Kahmier

self taught designer and spend the majority of my time here in the beautiful mountains of Northeast Pennsylvania creating amazing designs on products for every occasion...

For more information about Kahmier....

Zazzle Products

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AllMonograms Zazzle Pro Designer

All Monograms | Zazzle Pro Designer Creating Customized Monograms

About All Monograms - Fully Customized Monograms

Stand up and stand proud by displaying your family name or initial. Family reunions, town gatherings, school chums or vacation buddies can create their own special monogrammed t shirts or other keepsakes - all fully customized monograms. Have fun and let your creativity run wild. Thank you so much for looking at our store and products...

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AugieDoggyStore Zazzle Pro Designer - Golden Retriever Gifts

Augie Doggy Store | Golden Retriever Gifts

About Augie Doggy Store and Golden Retriever Gifts

Here you'll find products featuring golden retrievers Augie and Ti. The boys have appeared in newspapers, magazines, catalogs and online ads, have their own Facebook and Pinterest pages, website, Youtube channel and more! Please have a look around our store...

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From Editor

For lovers of Golden Retrievers this Zazzle store will melt you!

Golden Retrievers make the perfect family pet, and they have the ability to weedle directly into the hardest of hearts.  Retrievers can be extremely teachable, making them fantastic guide dogs for the blind.  See WIKI  for more information regarding the Golden Retriever breed.

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Rubber duck taxi driver

R Gebbie Photo

About R Gebbie Photo

Working out of the Las Vegas, Nevada area, we are a husband and wife team. He creates the beautiful imagery we use, and she creates the product line. We are also writers and mentors in the Personal Development and Motivational field.

For more information about R Gebbie Photo....

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year - Welcome to 2016!


'Happy New Year' - what a great excuse to celebrate!  That's if you're not all 'celebrated-out' from Christmas!

It's a 'frivolous' time, a 'hopeful' time where we think about giving up old 'vices', and creating new habits that will help us to live better, be better and happier throughout the new year.

Good luck with your New Year Resolutions!  May the New Year bring you much happiness, health, and prosperity!

New Year Celebrations

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Vintage advertising calendar

Calendars 2016

Happy New Year - Welcome to 2016!

Calendars can make the perfect gift!  With so many uniquely designed calendars, you will find it easy to match the receiver of your gift with the perfect calendar.

There is no calendar app in the world that can match having beautifully designed images hanging on your wall, attracting your attention each day of the year.

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