Ginger and Redheads

Fun Products For Those Proud To Be Redheaded / Ginger Haired!

Special Redheaded People!

I just love what say about 'Redheads': 

"One of the most beautiful creatures on Earth, too bad there are so little of them."

The 'Urban Dictionary' mentions other positive traits attributed to 'Redheads', but as we are a family website, think it's best to not go into the 'other ones' {wink wink}!

'Red', or 'Ginger' haired beauties are almost exclusively found to be in, or originated from, North and Central Europe, though  isolated cases can be found in the Middle East, Central Asia (notably among Tajiks ethnic group of Afghanistan), as well as in some of the Tarim mummies from Xinjiang, in north-western China. 

Ireland appears to have the most Redheads in the world, closely followed by Scotland (the celtic races).  Scientists believe the 'Redhead Gene' comes from a common ancestry that can be traced back to a single Y-chromosomal haplogroup: R1b.  The question has to be asked, "Who was the ancestor with the original R1b chromosome?"  

Doing a little bit of research through the internet you'll soon find lots of 'evidence' of aliens with 'red hair'!  Certainly you'll discover that many of the world's rulers from history were believed to be 'carrot-topped', including Lenin, Cleopatra, Napoleon, Alexander the Great, and many of the British Royal family, from Henry II (Grandson of William the Conqueror), to Queen Elizabeth 1, right down to our 'present day Royal' Prince Harry!

Redheads Can Slam Revolving Doors! What's Your Superpower? - Round Pillow

Redheads Can Slam Revolving Doors! What's Your Superpower? T-Shirt

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