Flameless Christmas LED Candles

May Your Days Be Merry and Bright…

Accent Your Christmas Festivities With Colorful Candles


Beautiful eye-catching LED candles wrapped in a unique customizable design.

These gorgeous flameless candles offer a warm ambiance to your home.  They have all the atmosphere of  normal flame candles, but minus the mess, so you can forget about the annoyance of cleaning drips from melted wax.  

No longer will you have to worry about falling asleep without blowing out the candles.  

Plus... no more smoke.

These flameless candles make perfect gifts for Christmas, they are excellent at weddings, for table-top decorations, and religious or memorial uses.  

These candles are also fantastic for outdoor entertaining, particularly when it is dark.

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Candles come in 3 sizes:

  1. Dimensions: 3"(diameter) x 4"(height). Weight: 9 oz. Prices from: $26.34
  2. Dimensions: 3"(diameter) x 6"(height). Weight: 1.2 lbs. Prices from: $28.45
  3. Dimensions: 3"(diameter) x 8"(height). Weight: 1.5 lbs.  Prices from: $30.56
  • Custom decorative LED candles are just perfect for any season, location or occasion.
  • Wrapper made from long lasting high-quality vinyl fabric.
  • Easy to use and is reusable many many times.
  • Timer option: 24 hour cycle. Candle will stay on for 5 hours, then will automatically turn off for 19 hours before turning on again.
  • Batteries not included.