Christmas Wrapping Paper

Showcasing Christmas Wrapping Paper

After choosing the perfect gift for a loved one, it's such great fun to gift wrap your present with a sumptuously decadent  gift wrapping paper from some of Zazzle's most creative designers.

Zazzle Designers have once again shown us their design expertise through these colorful and completely unique seasonal gift wrapping accessories.

It's said the best things come in small packages, the best big things too, but all gifts are especially special when wrapped with personal care and flare!  Personalize your gift wrapping paper with the name of the recipient of your gift, such as your Mother, Father, Lover, Aunt, Child....  Colors can also be coordinated to perfectly compliment your gift.

Showcasing below, we brought together a lovely collection of some of Zazzle's best!

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Christmas Wrapping Paper


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Zazzle's Marketplace

For many more beautiful 'Christmas Wrapping Paper' designs, take a 'walk' through Zazzle's Marketplace.

Size: Matte Wrapping Paper - Prices Start at $17.95 - click the 'More Information' buttons for individual prices.

For a gift second to none, wrap it up in beautiful and high quality custom wrapping paper. Choose from 4 types of paper and 5 sizes. Made and printed in the USA!

  • 60lb text weight matte paper.
  • Full-color print-to-the-edge printing.
  • Rolls are 30" wide and can be ordered in various lengths from 6 feet to 60 feet.
  • Each roll can print up to 15' – when you order 30'x 30" it will ship as two 15’ rolls; 45' roll ship as three 15' rolls, 60' roll ship as four 15' rolls.
  • 6' roll wraps 3 shirt sized boxes, 15' roll wraps 9 shirt sized boxes, 30' roll wraps 18 shirt sized boxes, 45' roll wraps 27 shirt sized boxes, 60' roll wraps 36 shirt sized boxes.
  • Printed and made in the USA.